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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Google AdWords Tip: New Category Exclusion Tool

Posted by @ 5:19 pm

It seems “exclusions” are the vogue enhancements for search advertising platforms at the moment. Hot on the heels of Yahoo!’s expansion of their keyword exclusion quota, Google has added “category exclusion” to its Google AdWords arsenal.

Added to the Site Exclusion Tool, the new Category Exclusion function allows advertisers to better manage their campaigns across the Google content network.

One of the biggest challenges for Google advertisers using the content network is managing site exposure to avoid wasteful click spend on irrelevant sites. According to the “Category Exclusion for the Content Network” release post:

“If you find that you’re repeatedly excluding many sites of the same type, either to optimize for the content network or to further control your campaign’s exposure, using category exclusion can be a simpler way to control your ads’ visibility. Category exclusion can be used with any type of campaign running on the content network: keyword-targeted or placement-targeted.”

Google’s release of the new “Category Exclusion Tool” comes with the following advice and disclaimers for advertisers.

  • Be careful with your category exclusions, as you could inadvertently block exposure on other sites that generate strong ROI. Google recommends referring to the stats provided in the “Site and Category Exclusion tool” before finalizing exclusions.
  • Google provides no guarantees that your ads will be blocked from “every” category related web page. If you find any other irrelevant web pages that are displaying your ads (outside of your category exclusion), use the site exclusion function to block them.

Given the effort and time required to manage an effective Google AdWords campaign, this broad site exclusion functionality will be welcomed by many Google Advertisers.

But before your go “exclusion crazy”, ensure you know which sites in the content network are generating strong click through and ROI for your campaigns. If you accidently block one of these sites with the category exclusion – at least you’ll be able to identify and remedy the mistake quickly.

For a detailed explanation of how to implement category exclusion on your campaigns – check out Google’s “Site and Category Exclusion Tool” online help guide.

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