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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Google AdWords Releases New Ad Templates & TV Competition

Posted by @ 6:05 pm

The Google AdWords team has been busy over the past week announcing a number of changes via their Inside AdWords blog. Google advertisers can now take advantage of ‘elegant’ ad templates and also enter a competition to have your own TV ad published for free.

New High Quality Ad Templates
As part of ongoing enhancements to their display ad builder, Google have released a range of ‘elegant’ ad templates which features subtle backgrounds, gradients and also people. In addition, advertisers can also select from a range of 13 new fonts.

Below are some examples comparing the older style templates to the new ‘elegant’ designs:



New Elegant Templates:


‘TV for All’ Contest
The second round of news this week is Google’s announcement of their ‘TV for all’ contest. Basically, it’s a competition Google are running to promote their TV Ads program whereby contestants submit a TV ad they’ve created and the winner gets $25,000 worth of promotion via the Google TV Ad network.

Contestants can create an ad themselves, or use SpotMixer, a self-service video creation tool. If you’re interested in participating, visit the contest here and submit your video:

That wraps up a busy week for the Google AdWords team. If you’ve created a TV ad or used Google’s new templates, leave a comment with them below so our readers can check them out.

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Same problem. Only takes USA. Doesn’t accept New Zealand

By Maree - October 4, 2009

The winners of the Google TV for All contest have been announced. Were you one of the lucky few to win $25,000 worth of TV advertising? Check out the official announcement from Google via the link below.

By Courtney - November 2, 2009

[...] advertising, setting aside the process of creating image ads (which is something that Google helps advertisers do now) is simply the process of matching banner ads to websites or URLs that they are effective on (and [...]

By Trada Blog » Google: A One-Click Pony? - March 17, 2010

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