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Monday, January 30, 2006

Google AdWords for Airwaves

Posted by @ 4:27 pm

When Google recently bought dMarc Broadcasting, many headlines simply said “Google Buys Radio Station”. In fact, dMarc is a technology company that runs a media network, remotely placing digital ads on radio stations equipped with the dMarc technology.

The dMarc technology has some amazing similarities with Google AdWords – instead of picking what keywords you want to bid on, you can select which radio station should play your audio ads at which time of the day. It’s not that far-fetched to assume that Google will be introducing an auction-based system to sell this radio advertising, which would change the media buying landscape for radio airtime radically. While some industry insiders question whether an auction-based system would be accepted by advertisers and whether Google’s advertiser base would show a lot of interest in radio advertising, you can even imagine more advanced applications of such technology – just think podcasting!

Combined with superior demographic knowledge that companies can collect from podcast subscribers, advertisers will be able to deliver individually targeted audio advertising to a perceptive audience virtually on a one-on-one basis. These new possibilities and emerging pricing models could change the face of radio advertising forever and turn podcasting into a advertising channel in its own right. You’d think that some radio executives must be getting pretty nervous right now!

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We podcasters are already doing this to some extent. At the end of my podcast, “World of Sound” I clip on an ad file from my sponsors. The guys at Liberated Syndication are also in the process of adding this service as a way we podcasters can make money.

By DJ Chester Chomp - January 31, 2006

Yeah, don’t get your hopes up DJ… I allow adwords ads on my wedbsite at Despite having google ads on nearly all of my 100+ pages, I am lucky if I get $5 per month. And since google only pays when the account reaches $100, I won’t see any money from google for at least a year and a half. If I sank the money that I spent on researching and developing and promoting the website(not to mention the massive amount of time I spent) into a basic savings account at my local credit union, I would be way further ahead right now. We will see what happens in the long run.

By Adventureman - January 31, 2006

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