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Friday, February 1, 2013

Google+: AdWords Express Will Increase Your Followers

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The Internet has become the premier location to connect businesses with customers who are looking for their services. Now available through tablets, notebooks, and mobile phones, a simple search can connect a consumer to a business in less than the time it takes to dial a phone number. Some companies are not aware of the extensive methods available to connect with customers, but a few of these should be used on a regular basis. Google Adwords Express is a new service, and is an excellent place to start when looking to increase business visibility and revenue.

The way Google Adwords Express operates is similar to Adwords, which has been around for a while longer. Adwords Express operates through mobile phone or computer search use. When a user searches for a specific term, the term will match up the user with the business who match the Adword category best. Mobile phone users are most likely to be searching on the go and need phone numbers instantly to businesses instantly. Through a short search a user can find several companies and call each of the companies with the click of a button.

Google is now asking to make the work even easier as no cross platform advertising may be necessary. Google is asking Adwords Express customers to link to their Google Plus page. Small ads are now being seen by Google+ page managers. It suggests that you can pay for more followers through advertising in search, display, maps and mobile. The company is suggesting Local Google+ pages as AdWords Express landing-page substitutes for SMB websites. Using Google Plus with Adwords will gain followers for the Google Plus page and keep interested consumers abreast of any on goings of the business.

Google Adwords Express does come with its negative points. Express must be used either with mobile or computer searches and businesses who wish to sign up with both must sign up for both platforms separately. Adwords Express has also been labeled as a more ‘quick and dirty’ search than Adwords and less specific than some companies would like.

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