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Monday, May 5, 2008

Google AdWords and Affiliate Home Based Businesses

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There are thousands of different home based business products available on the web today and many have become very popular amongst affiliate advertisers. Over the years I have come across a wide variety of home based affiliate websites; some of which are very clear and a few that have simply confused me.

Recently, in a move to weed out some of these lower quality affiliate websites, Google have increased the minimum cost per click for certain over crowded affiliate programs.
A few weeks ago one of our Google AdWords Qualified Technicians attempted to setup a campaign in Google AdWords for a common Home Based Business affiliate site and noticed that Google had placed a minimum cost per click of approx $10 on every keyword.

The same technician also attempted to use similar keywords for a less known Home Based Business site and to his surprise the minimum cost per click was approximately $0.70. Using Yahoo! Search Marketing proved to be a winner for the sites affected by Google’s high cost per click as quality traffic was delivered for approximately $0.50 per click – 1/20 of the price Google wanted.

Affiliate advertisers need to ensure they are promoting a high quality affiliate program that delivers real value to consumers. If your program is just a gimmick or hyper competitive it may be best to look at some other alternatives – especially if you’re considering Google Advertising for your website.

George Gavalas George started his career at ineedhits in 2003 as an SEO specialist and was promoted to SEO Services Team Leader in 2005. He is now responsible for driving ineedhits' product development initiatives and is also in charge of managing ineedhits' Easy Search Advertising pay-per-click service.

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