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Monday, December 10, 2012

Google AdSense Text Ads Get A Makeover

Posted by @ 8:51 am

Google has had a busy year, but just before it ends the search giant has announced that Google AdSense Text Ads now get a makeover. The latest developments have been officially announced and demos have also been released as to how the text ads would look from now on.

The changes relate to the sizing and fonts of the ad, the spacing of contents and an inclusion of an arrow sign, which can be clicked to view the ad or go to that specific link.

The changes are geared towards mobile devices because the ad texts appearing on tablets and smart phones are too small on the small screens. Figuring out the ads become a challenge for many and clicking on them is a daunting task. Unless one has extremely slim fingertips, clicking on Google AdSense text ads on mobile devices has been difficult. The makeover is exactly what is needed.

These new arrow buttons will also appear on desktop versions of text ads on the Google Display Network. In case the publishers of the ad have not customized the background of the display, the arrow would be marked in grey to be highlighted on the white backdrop. If some publishers have customized backgrounds for ads then that arrow would have a different color to be in contrast to the backdrop.

No other major changes have been brought about apart from the visual aesthetics. Text Ads will automatically sport the new look but as of now, the conventional search engine display on computer browsers would stick to the old display format. It is only the mobile devices that are going to get this new look.

Google says that the update has been nothing but positive so far. Google’s Johan Land and Stephen Yuan stated:

These enhancements are among the largest that we have made to text ads, and our experiments indicate an uplift in clicks across publishers on the Google Display Network.

A section of the industry has welcomed the development since there would be more exposure and likelihood of ads being actually clicked without much onus on the users. Another section is taking this with a pinch of salt since they do not find the arrow to be aesthetically pleasing.

Have you noticed these new ads when searching on Google?

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