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Sunday, February 5, 2006

Google AdSense Is Getting A Facelift

Posted by @ 7:36 pm

As 2006 establishes itself as the year when multimedia and rich media flourish, especially in the world of search, Google is speculated to be capitalizing on the consumer desire for all things flashy by seriously reviewing its AdSense advertising model.

The subtle text adverts that are now synonymous with Google AdSense, could soon be overshadowed by the new multimedia versions that are currently in beta testing.

Though being kept tightly under wraps, Google are definitely feeling out the market regarding the viability of rich media AdSense ads in terms of uptake, revenue potential, and publisher interest.

They have been surveying current AdSense publishers to determine how they want to be paid and how much they want to be paid on a CPM basis for the new rich media ads. Some info on the forums suggests they are exploring rich media ads in a number of different formats, namely:

  • Expanding ads
  • Floating ads
  • Audio/Video ads
  • Prestitial ads
  • Intersitial ads
  • Dedicated home page placement

    Whilst I am all for embracing the technology available and making the customer/viewer experience as enjoyable and interactive as possible, I can see the prospect of having floating or expanding ads, for example, becoming very annoying.

    I can’t imagine too many serious web publishers relishing the idea also, as the AdSense adverts would distract from the core content of their web pages.

    Although the actual details are closely guarded, and sometimes forums are just great spaces for speculation, my money is on our trusty reliable AdSense going multimedia sooner rather than later.

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