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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Google +1 Coming to Display Ads

Posted by @ 8:16 pm

From this October, Google will be adding a +1 button to each ad in their monstrous Google Display Network.

The Google +1 button is equivalent of Facebook’s “Like” button. Each ad will feature this button and small footnotes at the bottom of the ad’s will display how many others have +1 ed it.  In cases where a person’s Google+ friend has +1′d an ad, the ad will reflect that and possibly show the friend’s Google profile image. The +1 announcement will then fade away after 10 seconds.

Google’s Lead Product Manager for Social Advertising, Christian Oestlien, explained the impact of this feature on ads as:

When an ad is personally annotated, there’s a positive impact on click-through rate. You get this great win of users becoming advocates for your product… you can take advantage of social and you don’t need to come up with new metrics. All of this is baked into all of your existing ad campaigns.

It could be suggested that the Google +1 button will be an additional signal to help build relevance/credibility around each ad. Advertisers are quiet eager to know on which ad’s the Google’s +1 button will work with – the answer the questions, it is DoubleClick Rich Media ads on or off the Google Display Network, Image, Animated GIF, Flash, Display Ad Builder ads and select mobile inventory. Advertisers have an option to opt out of the +1 program at the campaign level, if they do now wish to have the +1 data attached to their ads.

Google is obviously trying to benefit from the so called “social component” of search, where a recommendation from a friend is such a strong signal of relevance to the ad displayed. With the Google +1 button being seen in over 1 million websites with 4 billion + or so impressions daily, Google can be pretty confident that the addition of this button to these ads will be a success.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that  Google +1 votes could have a direct impact on the click-through actions of users on these display ads.


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