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Monday, June 26, 2006

French Competition for Google Earth Launches with a Bang … and Crashes back to Earth

Posted by @ 7:56 pm

The French have launched their own answer to Google Earth – only to see it crash pretty much immediately due to the huge number of users trying to access the service.

The new service, called Geoportail, offers high resolution satellite images of the whole of France and France’s overseas territories. Users can not only zoom into a location to within 20 inches of the ground, but can also switch between satellite image views and map views and access geological data and charts. At the base of Geoportail lie 400,000 individual aerial images and 3,700 individual maps.

Geoportail is funded by the government-run National Geographic Institute, and the service has reportedly cost 6 million euros (or US$7.5 million) to build.

At time of writing, the service is still unavailable due to high demand – so if you want to look at the Eiffel Tower, continue using Google Earth for now!

Discussion (6 - comments)

So far Geoportal is a obvious disgrace. This is the French Google Killer? It was a lot of big talk. Disgraceful, boastful, arrogant… French.

By The Yuen Family - June 27, 2006

As with anything, trial and errors have built some of the most wonderful feats,,,it’s not about how many times you fail, but how many times you pick up the pieces. Hats off to anyone that takes on the giant.

By Anonymous - June 27, 2006

Even though I cannot yet access the site.. I do hope it lives up to its promises. It may have some birthing pains.. but I know the French will bring out a first rate product!! Do look forward to it, nice to have choices instead of being dependant upon one source.. especially when google earth not so great also.. for many of the places I want to check out I might as well just use my old atlas :)

By Anonymous - June 27, 2006

Hi !

I am french and really ashamed of and even more about the announce about “french are better than google’s team” and so on…
Sorry !

Of course the people (journalist ?) don’t know what they talk about except that this is a main government project, so they don’t ask themselves if it’s really true…

Go and see a critism blog to see pictures about the geoportail, comparisons with Google and other french web-map, and laugh…

France is still late on Internet, have a look at our “minitel” that was the concurrent of Internet for years and you’ll understand what politics ear about the web…

By Geoportail - June 27, 2006

I personally hold my hat off to anyone trying, even thinking of, challenging what Google does.

By Printoutlet - June 28, 2006

Yuen family, espèce de gros con, reste chez toi

By Anonymous - June 28, 2006

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