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Thursday, August 7, 2008

First PageRank, Now a Google Ranking Update!

Posted by @ 6:49 pm

It seems like the “ink” only just dried on us reporting Google’s update to its toolbar PageRank. Well guess what? They’re updating their rankings too – look out!

And this is the Google update that hurts the most. When Google does a shuffle to its SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), you know there’ll be uproar from site owners and webmasters…and it’s already started.

Naveet Kaushal, a regular contributor to SearchNewz, alerted me to the forum thread that has started about Google’s August 2008 update, and early reports aren’t good.

As with all updates, there’ll be winners and losers…but early feedback is that many site owners have lost some key rankings, which has instantly hurt their site traffic.

The discussion over at webmasterworld is already quite lengthy, but here’s some of the standout comments:

“I just lost a #2 and a #6. There yesterday, gone today. The #2 still shows up in .ca and other European data centers. Naturally these two were my top 2 traffic generators. Have a #4 that’s still there, at least for the moment….”

“It appears to me that Google has rolled back its index.
I am seeing thousands of old 301 HTML pages from back in April from our old site that have not been in the index for 2 months now, right back at the top of the SERPS.”

“Very interesting, I just noticed several former page 1 ranking sites (a few that were #1 with sitelinks) get slammed…back to page 5/6.”

“Looks as if we’ve lost even more traffic now. We’re down another 20-25%. Last month was our worse month in 1.5 years. So far this month we’re continuing the downward spiral.”

And on they go…if you really want to digest the full discussion, head over to the forum thread.

While this latest update might have caused you to gain some rankings and lose others, the key lesson is that you need to keep your SEO efforts ongoing.

Use the results of this update to motivate the continuation of your existing SEO program, or if you’ve let it lapse – kick start it again.

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Discussion (2 - comments)

Your blog is very informative. IT will not happened! Thanks for the update… Best regards.

By Search engine marketing - August 20, 2008

I have a webpage with the URL:

This page has been ranked on Google since 2001 with page rank 3.

For the most important keywords ralated to may website we where ranked on Google’s 1 page mostly on position 5 or 6 since 2001

After the last update (last week) I noticed taht the page rank has increased from 3 to 4 and our position with the same keywords (e.g. apartments vienna) raised to position 2-4 on the first page for 4 days !!!

Since 2 days our position droped to page 5 or 6 with the same keyword “apartments vienna”

Using other phrases like “rental apartments vienna” we can not find our listing at all, having been listed on the first page before!!!

Any ideas what the reason is???

By Anonymous - August 28, 2008

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