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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Filling In The Blanks With Paid Inclusion

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Search engine marketers who aren’t using paid inclusion may be missing out on more than just traffic – they could be missing out on valuable information. Paid inclusion can be so much more than just a guaranteed inclusion program. It can provide lots of valuable information to a savvy search engine marketer, if it is used correctly.

Using Paid Inclusion to Optimize a Site
Search Engine Marketing is about testing – testing to see what works and what doesn’t work, tweaking it and trying again. A quality search engine optimizer follows a pattern when optimizing a site:

  1. Obtain a base line ranking (something to compare to);
  2. Make a change;
  3. Wait for a crawl;
  4. Access the results and compare to base line;
  5. Either roll back (didn’t work) or leave (if it worked); and
  6. Repeat.

Using paid inclusion, a smart search engine marketer can make a change on the page and see what impact it had on rankings within 72 hours.

If the change results in a ranking increase, then the change should be rolled out across all pages and sites. If the impact is negative, then roll back and try again. This is a great way of being proactive in optimizing your on-page factors for Yahoo! Instead of having to wait for the next crawl/refresh to occur, you know that you are going to be updated within 72 hours, meaning you can extensively test and tweak your page optimization.

Hitting the Tail of the Search
The reporting provided by Yahoo! Search Submit also assists in expanding keyword lists that can be used in paid search campaigns across many engines. It helps identify the obscure search terms (the tail of the search) which people are using to find your site. The cost of bidding on these words is generally much lower than the mainstream words which should have a positive ROI impact. Granted, the click volumes are not as high but the competition is generally significantly less.

Example: You could bid on “tell me how I can submit my URL to search engines for free” if this is a term that visitors used to find your site. This term will be much cheaper to bid on than “submit URL“.


In many instances, the speed and flexibility that paid inclusion provides, along with the missing information that paid inclusion helps fill in, can justify the cost alone.

Note: This is part three of a multi part article.
Part 1:
Paid Inclusion – The Forgotten Tool in the Search Engine Marketer’s Toolkit?
Part 2:
Why Should I Do Paid Inclusion When I Can Get Included For Free?

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