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Monday, November 5, 2007

Feedburner Offers Google AdSense to Monetize Your Website

Posted by @ 3:48 am

Feedburner, one of the most popular RSS feed publishers, has announced a new facility to monetize your website – not your RSS feed.

Google acquired Feedburner back in May 2007, in a move we touted as one of Google’s most important acquisitions to date. The acquisition provides Google access to one of the largest bases of RSS feeds available – a significant advertising opportunity.

It then comes as a bit of a surprise that the new AdSense integration doesn’t actually involve RSS feeds as such. It instead integrates between actual published posts assuming users are using FlareFeed or FAN.

While there are other ways to integrate AdSense into web content – this will make it easier for less techie blog and site owners to monetize their efforts.

From Google’s point of view – the move might be a more effective way to generate revenue. I have always been skeptical of the click through on advertising in RSS feeds, so publishing the ads on a site might be more successful.

If you’re keen to install the Google AdSense between your content, simply follow the instructions below taken from the Feedburner blog:

Get Started
To activate the service, sign in to your FeedBurner account, select your feed and go to the Monetize tab where you can connect this service to your AdSense account (if you already have one), or create a new AdSense account (if you don’t). This service is currently available to members of FAN and all manner of FeedBurner publishers who go >bump<>FeedFlare for your site, you’ve already added the magic code that makes these ads go where they need to go, so connect your account to AdSense on the Monetize tab and you’re ready to earn!)

It’s that simple. So if you’re keen to start making money from your online content and you’re not too sure how to integrate AdSense the old fashioned way (using some HTML embedding) – then give Feedburner’s new AdSense option a whirl.

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