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Monday, October 22, 2012

Facebook Launches Localized Pages for Global Brands

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The most recent announcement by social media juggernaut Facebook debuted the launch of ‘Global Pages,’ a feature allowing internationally based business brands to maintain a single fan page with incorporated localized experiences for users worldwide.

Facebook’s new Global Pages have incorporated both ‘Likes’ and ‘People Talking About This’ counts, however the corresponding languages, profile images, cover photos, posts and tabs vary by region. The Global version of a fan page will redirect users to the version that corresponds to their region; the other region specific pages are accessible through a drop-down menu.

The social media site initially tested this feature in May this year, where the global and regional setup was featured within their own branded Marketing page. Since then, many brands expressed their interest in the soon-to-be introduced feature. Brands like Dove, Holiday Inn, Kit-Kat and Frankenweenie were among the few with early access to Facebook’s Global Pages.

The Global Pages feature addresses common issues, many brands with a presence on Facebook, face on the site each year. There are a great number of pages with large fan bases located throughout the world, however regular posts from these particular brands only reach a small subset of their expanded fan base.

Global Pages allows these brands to specifically target a smaller subset of their fan bases around the world, increasing the exposure of a region specific feature to its corresponding fan base.

Global Pages also allows brands to create country specific pages without having to sacrifice user accessibility. The Global Pages structure can allow users to access any region specific version of a brand’s page, without having to extensively search.

Facebook’s Product Marketing Manager Kelly Winters stated, in a new Facebook Studio web post:

This structure works for brands that historically have managed one single Page with geo-targeted page posts, as well as for brands that have managed multiple, country-specific Pages. For example, the Dove team from Unilever transitioned from operating one single Page using the geo-targeting feature to creating new, localized Pages that maximize their global scale while still providing local relevance.

She also mentioned that brands can boost just one URL, and their user base will be automatically directed toward their localized page. The administrators of each account then can view the insights of a particular region through their instructive dashboard.

Winters wrote of Facebook later introducing a country-level fan count for each Global Page and for fan pages that haven’t yet converted to the new system. This feature will allow a brands internal marketing team to track and compare their fan base on a country-based level.

Facebook is currently offering the Global Pages structure for country pages; they haven’t yet implemented the feature on a state or city level.

If you’re keen to give it a go, thenyou have to request access to the feature from Facebook’s marketing team.

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By Facebook Launches Localized Pages for Global Brands - October 22, 2012

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