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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Exploring the Paid Inclusion Myths

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There are a lot of myths, conspiracy theories and mistruths regarding paid inclusion that have built up over time. In the following points, I am going to look at all of these myths and separate fact from fiction.

FALSE: Paying for 1 URL prevents the rest of your site being indexed.
This is not the case. Any page not included in a paid inclusion feed has the same chance of being included via the normal crawl, regardless of the status of other URLs.

FALSE: Once you stop paying, you are automatically dropped from the search engine index.
If you – for whatever reason – choose not to continue your paid inclusion campaign, then the URL will return to whatever status it had prior to entering into the paid inclusion program. If you were included before paying, you will still be included.

FALSE: The Yahoo! editorial process is too hard / complex / unfair.
The editorial process is simple and pain free for websites which have nothing to hide. It is a painful process for sites that do not meet the required Yahoo! editorial standard. If your site is clean, then you have nothing to fear.

FALSE: You don’t need to do paid inclusion because you can get it for free.
See Part 2 of this article!

TRUE: Paid inclusion will not increase your ranking.
Paid inclusion alone will not increase your site’s ranking. As the name suggests, you are just by paying for inclusion, not paid ranking. In Part 3, I talked about how a savvy search engine marketer can use paid inclusion to their advantage to increase their ranking.

TRUE: Google doesn’t support paid inclusion.
Google does not support any form of paid inclusion.

Part 5 (the final installment) is a summary of all previous articles for anyone who doesn’t have the time to read the entire post.

Note: This is part four of a multi part article.
Part 1: Paid Inclusion – The Forgotten Tool in the Search Engine Marketer’s Toolkit?
Part 2: Why Should I Do Paid Inclusion When I Can Get Included For Free?
Part 3: Filling In The Blanks With Paid Inclusion

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