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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

European Deal Could See Bing Search Results in Google SERP

Posted by @ 8:16 am

A new deal between Google and the European Union will not only kept the search engine company from seeing huge antitrust suits but it will also likely keep the consumer watchdogs off their back.

Many competitors have claimed that Google is abusing its dominant market share position across Europe. Now that Google has finally agreed to settle this matter with the EU, many other competitors are likely to be celebrating the result.

What this deal does is make Google label its search results so consumers will know which sources came from Google oriented results versus other sites such as Bing or Yandex. This takes away the assumption that Google only uses its own results and not those from other sites.

This deal means that Europeans will be able to see Bing and other engine results in a Google search. This is especially important for hospitality and local search sites such as Yelp, Citysearch or Yahoo Local, who have claimed that they were being biased against by the Google engine. Now they will have their results given fair order in search engine results, which is important as Google is driving deeper into the local search market.

Google has also said they will clearly label which of its search results are promoted ones.

The European Commission (EC) has been investigating Google’s alleged “anticompetitive” Internet search service since 2010, after a number of companies lead by Microsoft complained that Google was abusing its dominant position in the Internet search market. Google currently holds around 90% of the European search market, compared to 67% in the US (so you can see why Google’s European competitors are concerned).

The European Union is giving interested parties a month to comment on the proposals. It’s expected that Microsoft will block the proposal as they are going to want a bit more out of Google.

Courtney Mills Courtney is an online marketing and communications specialist at ineedhits - a leading search engine marketing firm with over 16 years experience. Courtney has been living and breathing online marketing for over 5 years. She specializes in web and communication marketing, while providing news and opinion to online marketing communities.

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