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Monday, March 15, 2010

Enriching Your Google Listings – Google Microdata Support for Rich Snippets

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Before you dismiss this post as just “something for the geeks” – it might worth understanding what you web developer can do to help your Google exposure.

Google has just announced support for Microdata in their Rich Snippets.

Rich snippets are a great way to make your website listings standout in the search engine results page. Given the volume of listings you’re competing against – any opportunity to stand out should be welcomed.

For those of you not familiar with Google’s Rich snippets – here’s an explanation direct from Google:

“…The more information a search result snippet can provide, the easier it is for users to decide whether that page is relevant to their search. With rich snippets, webmasters with sites containing structured content—for example, review sites or business listings—can label their content to make it clear that each labeled piece of text represents a certain type of data: for example, a restaurant name, an address, or a rating.

This information doesn’t affect the appearance of your content on your own pages, but it does help Google better understand and present information from your page.

The improved listing is called a rich snippet, and these can appear on search results pages or on Place Pages in Google Maps. The image below displays a rating and price range—very useful to anyone searching for information about a restaurant.”

So what does a Rich Snippet look like?


And now for the Microdata support. Rich snippets have been fed via structured HTML microformats and RDFa formats to date. HTML 5, which is the newest revision of the world wide web’s core language includes a description for microdata.
Microdata essentially takes HTML and provides meaning to content by using labels within the code. Below is a before and after example of HTML for a restaurant review:





Now many of you will be wondering how this applies to your website or business. Google currently supports Rich Snippets for Businesses and Organizations, People, Reviews and Events.

Three of those four categories apply to almost all companies. So you should speak to your web designer/developer and ensure you’re making the most of your Google exposure.

To see how each of these areas can be optimized, see the pages below:

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Discussion (2 - comments)

Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

By Ben Waugh - March 15, 2010

You were right — this one is strictly for geeks….

By Angie Carroll - March 18, 2010

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