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Sunday, April 2, 2006

Dude, Where’s Our Google Blog?

Posted by @ 6:30 pm

Who would have thought? Google, the world’s most recognizable search engine and online brand, last week accidentally deleted its own corporate blog, leaving the blogs many loyal readers to rue its disappearance.

Last Monday, the website went blank returning a “Not Found” page, which lead to speculation that someone had maliciously hacked the site. After some investigation, Google announced that the blog deletion was in fact an accident by one if its employees.

“The blog was mistakenly deleted by us (d’oh!) which allowed the blog address to be temporarily claimed by another user. This was not a hack, and nobody guessed our password. Our bad.” Jason Goldman, Blogger Product Manager, wrote on the official blog.

In an act which could only be forthcoming from a true Google fan, the site’s temporary new owner posted the following:

Google, fix your blog pleeasssee!

(P.S. Just to clear things up, I’m not associated with Google at all. I just wanted to take advantage of this before someone else with less worthy intentions did. The username was giving a 404, so I tried registering a new blog with it. Surprisingly, it worked. Oh, and no posting URLs in the comments or else they’ll be deleted.)

After 36 minutes of chaos, Google reclaimed the blog and order was restored. As Google uses the blog as an important tool for communicating releases and special announcements to its many users, it was fortunate the blog didn’t end up in more sinister hands.

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Discussion (1 - comment)

It is a good and interesting story.
Thanks for telling us.
I think where there a man involved; there must be a chance of fault. Isn’t it?

By Hasnain Zabihullah - April 5, 2006

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