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Thursday, September 17, 2009

DIY Tips: Putting the Right Information on Your Website

Posted by @ 12:57 am

I am constantly amazed why many businesses go to the trouble of putting up a web site, yet do not provide the right type of information to use it as an effective selling tool.

Countless small business websites, for example, will provide photos of their products and services, yet won’t list details or provide pricing. If I wanted to see a photo of a product I would use Google images, wouldn’t I?

Businesses with a retail store don’t just compete on price, however visitors need to see the full package on offer in order to “get interested” in purchasing the product or service.

These type of businesses either:

  1. Didn’t have the information ready when the site was designed.
  2. Don’t want to pay the hundreds of dollars web designers charge to update the information on the website.
  3. Think that visitors will call them to ask for a price. Many visitors will simply use the browsers’ “back” button or choose another supplier.
  4. Are simply lazy

If you would like visitors to call to find out more about your products, then you need to make it as easy as possible. The simplest solution is to have your phone number clearly visible at the top of every page on your site. Visitors don’t want to have to click through to a “contact us” page to simply find your telephone number.

If you ask your visitors to leave an enquiry via a contact form, don’t put 10 compulsory fields. Is it really necessary to ask for the visitors address, home, work and mobile numbers, date of birth, star sign and even blood type (ok, I am exaggerating now but you get my point). Ultimately, you won’t use this information, when all you need is my enquiry and ONE phone number or email address to get back to them.

Small business owners, I’d suggest you have a think about the content and flow of your website (or invest in a website with a Content Management System) before contacting a web designer. It’s not beneficial to anyone if they build you a web site which will provide little value to your visitors or your business.

Peter Gavalas Peter has been with ineedhits since 2003. Within that time he has been involved in sales, customer service, product development and now is the VP of Channels and Alliances. Peter has a passion in providing affordable, online marketing solutions for small businesses and thus helping them succeed online.

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Discussion (1 - comment)

i totally agree with you … one problem i have come across when putting web sites for customers is the lack of information they want displayed on their site such as prices … i know for myself that if a web site does not display prices, then i just move on

the other problem i found is that sometimes, at a web site, the price for a product is not clearly shown even though they have a order now … i have had to click on that button just to see the price … not good!!!

By Mental Arithmetic - October 3, 2009

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