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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

DIY Tips: Email Marketing Best Practices

Posted by @ 6:11 pm

Email marketing is critical to build up a connection with your website visitors. They may not become customers at first, but email is a useful way to send them solid information about your services and products, which may turn their eyes in your direction.

I have outlined below some of the basic concepts that you should bear in mind when planning email marketing:

  • Permission is always important. Make sure your subscriber requested to receive the newsletter in order to avoid being blacklisted – always include clear opt-out and unsubscribe buttons in your mailing.
  • Reliability and trust are essential to lead the subscriber to open the email. Some of the most important fields are “To:” and “From:”. This shows the readers you know them and that they know exactly who they are getting the email from.
  • Interest. If the readers are not triggered by your subject line or headers they might not open the communication, or even worse, blacklist it. The content of the email must always match what the reader signed up for.
  • Design and Structure have to be adaptable in all the different email providers such as Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo! & Gmail. Simplicity sometimes is best. Images may be blocked in some email providers, so make sure you use alt text. Build the email to be easy to scan, for those readers who choose to have just a quick look.
  • Things to avoid: do not overuse CAPITALIZATION and punctuation (e.g. “!!!!” or too many “Click here!”) otherwise it may marked as a spam.

It’s important to build rapport. More than 30% promotion is not advisable, as you are informing and helping your subscribers at this stage, not just promoting.

In the end, if readers like and find your emails useful, they will make use of them either by enjoying your services, purchasing your products and, yes, forwarding to friends and family.

This isn’t all to consider in email marketing, but it is a good start. If you are looking for more email marketing resources, the Email Marketing Reports website has a very comprehensive best practices guide. Also MailChimp offers a powerful tool for Email Marketing and a PDF guide with 64 pages of useful tips.

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