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Monday, April 3, 2006

DIY Tip: Top Rankings through Keyword Rich Content

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Can I say it enough – keyword rich webpage content is vital to top rankings in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo!

Yes, there are many factors that contribute to top rankings, from code optimization to linking strategies and many little technical tricks in between, but as a website owner, the easiest improvement you can make is the quality of keyword rich copy on your website.

If you are genuinely serious about getting top rankings on your website, then it’s time to create website content that is going to get the search engine spiders excited, and they love lots of copy with good keywords.

So where do you begin:

  1. Do you know what keywords are important for your website?

    Really obvious keywords aren’t necessarily the ones that generate the best ranking results as too many sites are competing for them. You should use a balanced mix of generic and targeted keyword terms to ensure you are covering all your potential customers’ searches.

    The best way to determine the most relevant search terms for your site is by undertaking proper keyword research. The return on your investment for getting a professional keyword analysis done will be immense as they factor in the search behavior of millions of searchers.

  2. What to do with your keywords?

    Once you have completed your keyword analysis, its time to generate web page content filled with quality search terms. In doing so, your copy needs to be a sensible blend of keyword rich content and effective marketing message.

    Remember customers/visitors are at your website to purchase or act, so useless repetition of terms (keyword spamming) just for the search engine spiders will do more bad than good. Search engines actually punish websites for keyword spamming, so make sure your keywords are used in context within your marketing message!

  3. Getting content the easy way!

    Other than reviewing the content on your web pages based on your keyword research, there are 2 other ways to quickly and effectively generate relevant keyword rich content for your website:

    • Blog
      Blogs (web logs) are a great tool for quickly adding keyword rich content to your site. Rather than having to give all your new content to your web master, have them update your pages them upload it for you, blogs allow you to create content at will. As you are probably well informed about the industry you deal with or the products you sell, why not write a couple of articles a week on your blog. Before you know it, your website will be filled with great content, and the search engine spiders will be sure to return with all the new content you are feeding them.

    • RSS
      If writing articles is not your forte or you are really pressed for time, as most business owners are, why not use other people’s blog articles and content. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows you to offer content from other people’s blogs on your website. As RSS works dynamically, when the blog you’re linked to is updated, so is your website. Presto – content on demand. Just choose your content sources carefully, as what you display on your website, will reflect on your business.

Keyword rich content is only one part of the top ranking puzzle, so make sure it’s included in your integrated search marketing efforts. If top rankings are your goal, get started today, and give your website a keyword rich content boost!

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