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Monday, April 17, 2006

DIY Tip: Google Page Rank Monitoring Tool

Posted by @ 7:28 pm

Google’s infamous Page Rank (PR) measurement (located in the Google Toolbar) is the source of much pain for many a website owner. The little green bar (and associated score) are thought to heavily influence a web pages’ ranking within the Google search results.

While the definitive impact of the Page Rank on Google’s results is still an unknown quantity, there is no doubting that it has some level of impact on how Google perceives a web page’s importance.

And while a shroud of mystery prevails over the measurement, website owners will continue to be mesmerized by web pages’ Page Rank movements. Now for all of you who do monitor the PR of your pages, this little tool that I stumbled across, should help you monitor several pages’ PR scores more easily.

Webmastereyes allows you to enter a pages’ URL and viola, your web page appears with live Page Rank scores adjacent to all the links. I find it extremely useful on your sitemap page, as you can see at a glance all the pages of your site and their respective PR scores.

Now as much as this makes monitoring your PR’s easier, don’t get too caught up in the whole Page Rank obsession, as there are more valuable ways to spend your time than staring at a little green bar…but every now and then, it’s always good to check what Google thinks of your pages.

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Discussion (5 - comments)

Oh man!
this is an excellent tool

By Héctor - April 18, 2006

With this tool and a site PR of 4/10, I still don’t show up with key words in the first 1,000 placings…

What is the problem?

By Printoutlet - June 28, 2006

Hi printoutlet,

It’s important to remember that Page Rank alone doesn’t determine rankings in Google’s results.

Page Rank represents just one of many variables that Google uses to calculate their rankings.

Whilst they purport that it is the ranking measure they use, there are several other factors that influence where you appear in their results.

To give you an idea, your first keyword term “Cheap Printing” generates 24,000,000 results. Using PR alone to determine rankings would not work as there are thousands of websites with the same PR as yourself.

I would recommend looking at other optimization elements and techniques to enhance your ranking in Google.

By Rene LeMerle - July 13, 2006

I have over 200 plus links back to my site…, yet Google only recognizes one (1) – whereas MSN and Yahoo recognize a lot more.

I don’t understand why the difference when one generic site links to another, where does the search engine branding come in?

Help, I am trying to get on the search engines at any position, and not loose my Page Rank due to Google not recognizing the links to my pages.


By Printoutlet - August 3, 2006

Make sure your site has a sitemap.xml and that you’ve informed Google and the other search engines of it. Learn more at

By Anonymous - December 20, 2006

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