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Monday, March 5, 2007

Celebrities Ask For Yahoo! Answers

Posted by @ 9:52 pm

Talking to the people has taken on a completely new meaning as US Senators, Presidents and even celebrities are asking the questions on Yahoo! Answers.
Last year, Yahoo! Answers’ “Ask the Planet” campaign had Donald Trump, Al Gore and Bono asking the big questions in exchange for a selection of exceptional prizes. Oprah asked what we would do if given $1000 to change the life of a perfect stranger and Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is currently asking our opinion on terrorism. The questions are thought provoking and designed to elicit thousands of responses – the results are fascinating!

Hillary Clinton has received over 38,000 replies to her question “Based on your own family’s experience, what do you think we should do to improve health care in America?” Deciding to let the Yahoo! community vote for the best answer Hillary stated:

“Thank you so much, everyone, for your detailed, thoughtful responses, and for joining in this national conversation with me…I was moved by so many of your poignant stories, and impressed by the power and creativity of your ideas…
And as President, I will work to provide quality, affordable health coverage to every American.”

The comments she received in return were a mix of thanks, sarcasm, disbelief and anger

  • You’re kidding right? Let the community vote for best answer? Yeah, like we’re going to comb through 38k responses.
  • Sheesh, What a cop out…Throw out a topic (or “bomb”) then run the other way when it comes to actioning it.
  • I think that the idea here is right. The execution is impossible.
  • Well, voting for the best answer is DEMOCRACY, DUH! Hilary is letting the people decide, which I find very noble and refreshing.
  • Thanks Hillary…you went out on a limb for criticism, construction or whatever, and you deserve all the accolades for that.
  • I wonder why anyone actually thought that Hillary would listen to anything we had to say. Have you ever seen any politician ask a question and then “listen” to the answer?

    Cynical it may be, I agree with those expressing disbelief and sarcasm (and in doing so I end up asking even more questions!). What are celebrities and politicians doing with the answers they receive? Are these famous faces actually interested in the outcome, or just the PR that comes from asking the people? Is this really social consciousness on a whole new level or an ingenious game of PR? In which case – should we play along?

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