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Monday, November 19, 2012

Bing/Yahoo! Network Expands to 13 New Countries

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The Bing/Yahoo! Advertising Network has recently continued expanding its market reach into international regions, including seven new markets within Europe and an additional six within Latin America, raising its total market count to 22 countries.

These markets include:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Columbia
  • Venezuela
  • Chile

In a recent official blog post, the Yahoo Advertising Team highlighted the growth of the Bing/Yahoo! Network and its involvement with search engine marketing. They explained that search engine marketing is continuing its growth as a part of digital advertisement budgets. The Bing/Yahoo! Network, as a part of that, currently outpaces its competitors on factors such as key metrics like determining user click-through rates.

In addition, the Buying Power Index (BPI) has revealed the state of the most recent numbers from comScore, which lie in favor for the Bing/Yahoo! Network. The number themselves have expressed rather favorable returns for users who search on both Yahoo and Bing.

The actual comScore number revealed that people who search via the Bing/Yahoo! Network spend at least 123% more time on the Bing/Yahoo! Network than the average user. The Buying Power Index numbers also indicated that the search network attracts users who have higher spending levels against those who use Google instead—an impressive 317% more than the average. The Yahoo advertising team consider this a success, promoting the Bing/Yahoo! Network user base as the ‘highest quality audience in the world.’

Additional resources have reported that Bing/Yahoo! Network users within the United States are more likely to spend 24% more time using the service than the average user and at least 5% more than those who use Google. The Bing/Yahoo! Network has a reach of around 498 million worldwide, with at least 92 million of those users who don’t use Google.

The recent market expansion opens the Bing/Yahoo! Network to more opportunities to expanding the reach of their brand. The number of people who don’t use Google may increase over time, an assumption that may hold weight in future reports for the search engine collective.

The Bing/Yahoo! Network drives its revenue from online sales at a more efficient rate than Google’s, according to the Kenshoo Global Search Advertising Trends quarterly report. The Kenshoo report detailed an increase in all advertising related activity across the board for Bing/Yahoo! Network, in comparison to similar movements happening at Google.

The Bing/Yahoo! Network is a combined search-related marketing venture, proposed by Bing, Yahoo and several partner sites such as the likes of Facebook, Monster, Amazon, Viacom and others. In the United States, the search engine collective has reached 151 million active users.

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[...] more at Search Engine Marketing (blog). Filed Under: [...]

By Bing/Yahoo! Network Expands to 13 New Countries - November 19, 2012

[...] Bing/Yahoo! Network Expands to 13 New Countries [...]

By Online Internet Marketing Digest - November 19, 2012

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