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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bing Wants to Become a “Doing” Search Engine

Posted by @ 10:27 pm

When Bing passed Yahoo! to become the 2nd ranked search engine in the U.S last month it seems the company also got the confidence to shed its “decision engine” label and re-launch as an ad platform with a new tagline ‘Bing is for Doing’.

The main aim for this change is the hope that it will get people to give up Googl-ing and move to Bing for ‘doing’.

Bing has been using the “Bing and Determine” motto since its debuted back in 2009 and feels its time to move forward. As told by Sean Carver, Bing’s Director for Advertising; the revamped search engine will be a platform for doing things while aiming for the 18-34age group crowds of workers.

Microsoft’s online ad revenue was up 13% in the most recent quarter, mainly because of search and I guess this is reason enough to go ahead with the changes. The new Bing ads promoting the change dares the emotional you to do something inspirational. The first ad debuted last weekend on FOX during the NFL NFC Championship Game and puts the emphasis on verbs: doing, winning, falling, healing, living, and, well, snowboarding. Here is the video:

The theme underlying these ad campaigns is ‘evolve from decisions to doing’ and with these promotional videos Microsoft will illustrate how decisions enable people to go beyond searching to doing and will highlight people doing interesting things.

Till now Bing has highlighted the decisions people make, but with this new campaign you can look forward to not only get trustworthy results, but also doing some other interesting things on Bing.

Will this ad help Bing in its battle against Google? I don’t think so, but what do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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