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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bing Teams Up With Klout for More Influential Search Results

Posted by @ 9:28 pm

Have you ever had a problem finding something, and no matter what you typed into the search engine box, you just were not getting the results you wanted? How frustrating was it to not find what you needed, and how much extra time did you spend trying to use the exact keywords in an effort to find the information? Well, you can say goodbye to bad luck because Bing is teaming up with Klout to help people have a better experience with the search engine and be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

Bing has partnered with Klout in an effort to really make it easier to find what they are looking for whenever they type something into Bing. Bing will provide the necessary web pages, but at the same time Klout will provide results for the same topic but with a social twist. Klout will now feature experts in the search engine sidebar that may provide as much useful information as the websites Bing provided. From the pop-up that appears, you can click through to the influencer’s Klout Profile or directly to topics the person influences. What could be better than getting both a web page and an expert in that field both providing the exact information you need?

Klout CEO Joe Fernandez provides his take on the partnership:

I was surprised a few months ago after meeting with the Microsoft Bing leadership to learn how much our visions overlapped.

[We] both believe that the growth of the social web and the increasing importance of your online identity are fundamentally transforming the Internet, making it even more important to understand people, not just pages.

The two compnaies haven’t just partnered, Bing has also made quite an investment in the company by signing a multi-year agreement “where Bing will become one of Klout’s most significant partners.”

So it looks like Bing’s social network continues to grow, it can add Klout to the list which already includes Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Quora.

Are you watching this, Google?

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