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Monday, October 8, 2012

Bing: Searchers Prefer Our Results 2 to 1 Over Google

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Google and Bing have been doing battle for search engine supremacy for a long time now. However, although Bing has a lot of catching up to do to even get close to the popularity and market share of Google, it still has managed to pull off a blinder of sorts with its latest Bing It On Challenge.

Bing launched the Bing It On Challenge to compete with the quality of search results Google throws up. It was an independent survey that took into account about 4,700 searchers. The survey participants searched the same keywords on Bing and Google simultaneously and assessed the quality of the results. The primary focus was on organic search result ranking and how relevant the search results were to the requisites of the searchers.

The outcome has been extremely successful for Bing with 64% of the survey participants saying that the results that Bing had to offer were of far better quality and relevance than the results displayed by Google. 33% of these participants even went so far as to say that they would use Bing instead of Google as their preferred search engine from now on. As much as 17% of the 4,700 people participating in the challenge mentioned that this clearly exposes the flaws that may be present in Google’s organic search ranking protocols.

Now, for the market and the worldwide users there are two things to make note of. First, Bing has managed to acquire an all time high market share ever since its inception. Although the market share is nowhere close to Google, the outcome of the Bing It On challenge is likely to have some rippling effects. For instance, almost all survey takers asserted that their impression about Bing changed rather drastically after participating in the survey. They were extremely surprised and pleased that Bing could be so much better than Google. While that is extremely good news for Bing and Bing lovers, there is a flip side of this victory. Google has managed to become a habit among millions of internet users around the world. It is not Google that Bing is actually competing with but the Google habit that has become more than just a practice among countless people.

Bing readily accepts that their challenge is also to break this Google habit if they are to emerge triumphant in this war of the search engines, but these results are certainly a good start.

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