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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bing Search Share Up Again – Slowly Catching Up to Google

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Bing has done it again. According to the latest figures released by ComScore Microsoft’s Bing search engine continues to gain upon its rivals in the U.S. search marketplace.

ComScore’s monthly qSearch report revealed that in comparison to a market share of 65.7% in March, Google sites accounted for 65.4%(loss of 0.3 percentage points) of the explicit core search market in April.

Yahoo sites were in the second spot with 15.9% (gain of 0.2 percentage points) and Bing sites followed closely with 14.1% (gain of 0.2 percentage points) indicating that with each passing month Microsoft powered searches are steadily increasing their hold on the search market place while Google looses a little or makes no significant growth.

Ask Network was at the fourth spot with 3% followed by AOL, Inc with 1.5% of the explicit core searches.

Of the 16.2 billion explicit core searches conducted alone in April 2011, Google sites led with 10.7 billion searches with Yahoo sites accounting for 2.6 billion, Microsoft sites for 2.3 billion searches, Ask Network for 491 million and AOL Inc for 248 million searches respectively.

Google sites contributed 64.2 % of the total core search queries conducted in the US while Yahoo! and Microsoft sites individually contributed for 17.9 percent and 13.8 % respectively. Ask Network and AOL Inc contributed 2.7 % and 1.4% of the total search queries.

Of the 18.0 billion total core searches done in America last month, 11.6 billion users searched on Google sites, 3.2 billion on Yahoo! Sites and 2.5 billion on Microsoft Sites.

In addition to this ComScore is also revealed search results that are “powered by” Google and Bing. Where 67.8% of the organic searches came from Google powered sites (that included results from Google’s own sites and AOL and Microsoft powered sites (Bing and Yahoo! Results) accounted for 26.5% of the organic searches.

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