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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bing Makes Search Results More Personalized and Localized

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First Google, now its Bing’s turn to try its hand at personalizing its users search result.

Bing has confirmed it will be automatically modifying its search results based on the users’ physical location and personal search history. Bing will now place a particular site in the number one position in the SERP if Bing thinks that the user is looking for something very specific or trying to re-locate a site the user had earlier visited.

Research conducted by Bing concludes that 30% of users keep re-entering their search query until they find the site of their choice, so Bing wants to make use of this search pattern to dish out more relevant and personalized search results without compromising the users privacy.

For example, if I’m looking for a pizza restaurant in my current location, San Francisco, earlier I would have typed in [San Francisco pizza] on but now I can simply search for [pizza] and Bing will display results for pizza restaurants in San Francisco.

Here is what Bing’s Aiden Crook and Sanaz Ahari said about the new search feature on the official Bing blog:

The beauty of thinking differently about personalized searching is that it enables us to construct elegant solutions that require a minimal amount of personal information and, frankly, often exhibit better results than a more computationally complex predictive model alone.

Bing is also now using past searches to reshape results. When you see the following notification at the bottom of your search results you will know that the results have been influenced by your previous search history.

There is more information about how Bing’s search history feature works here.

These enhancements are currently only being tested with US users. For those who do not want to disclose their location or search for results in some other geographical locations users have the choice to set their preferences.

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By Bing Makes Search Results More Personalized and Localized « Miami Beach Web Designer - February 17, 2011

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