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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bing Challenges Google with Encyclopedia Integration into Search Results

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Google has long been the king of search engines, but Bing has tried a number of different strategies to try to horn in on Google’s big market share.

One of the latest strategies that Bing has employed is partnering with Encyclopaedia Britannica to provide more relevant answers to questions. What exactly does this mean for the search engine battle?

How it Works

Bing recently announced a partnership deal with Encyclopaedia Britannica to feature more results from the Encyclopedia in its search engine results page. This means that when you do a search for a specific question or item in Bing, you may see a result from Encyclopaedia Britannica up at the top of the results. Instead of making you visit a website to get information, their goal is to provide you with the answer to your question directly from the search engine results.

Compared to Knowledge Graph

Google has been doing something similar to Bing’s strategy for several years now. Their version, known as the Knowledge Graph, is similar in that it shows information at the top of the search results so that visitors can get the answer that they need fast.

In fact, the Google Knowledge Graph is actually more advanced than the Encyclopedia Britannica feature of Bing. With the Google Knowledge Graph, it has access to 500 million pieces of information to refer to. Comparatively, the Encyclopaedia Britannica only has 120,000 articles to reference. This means that Google’s Knowledge Graph is going to be able to answer more people’s questions than what Encyclopaedia Britannica will be able to.

What to Expect

Users of Bing should start to notice a difference in the search engine results that they receive starting soon. The integration of the Encyclopaedia Britannica will provide their results with a little bit more validity. However, the system that they have in place is not quite able to compete with the Google Knowledge Graph system that they already have in place. Don’t expect this to get a large number of people to jump from Google to Bing right away, but it is a step in the right direction.

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Bing Challenges Google with Encyclopedia Integration into Search Results | ineedhits…

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