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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bing Adds Facebook Friend Tagging to SERP’s

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Bing’s Social Sidebar is an interesting element of the popular Microsoft search engine, isn’t it? It has not been around for all that long, but Bing is at it again, rolling out a new feature that will add Facebook friend tagging to SERPS. You heard that right, now you can tag your friends in your search engine results pages.

This feature is being rolled out and it is going to be a fun one to use, so Bing is sure to see a big increase in traffic to their search engine. The new tweak will enable Bing’s Social Sidebar to work in new ways so that it can be a better and more effective social networking tool for Bing users.

In the past when Bing users performed searches via the Social Sidebar they were presented with a random selection of contacts with tabs labeled “People Who Know” or “Friends Who Might Know.” You could also try the “Ask Friends” option but that never truly guaranteed that your post would ever make it to Facebook at all, or that your Friends would ever see your post. The new Social Sidebar feature will let you take control of your search results and choose as many as five of your Facebook friends to share your search results with by tagging them.

The “Choose Friends to Notify” tool lets you pick out the exact people you want to see your post so that you know for sure that: (1) your post is being shared, and (2) it is being shared with the specific people that you selected. Just think of how cool it will be to be able to use this tool to let your friends know about anything you want? This also has some great potential for blog owners and the owners of small businesses who can use this for marketing purposes. The power of word of mouth marketing is going to increase for sure with this new tool in the mix as friends share search content regarding various businesses, services and products. Bing security measures require obtaining your permission before any questions will be posted to your Facebook timeline.

Bing has also suggested visitors will use this tool to share search results with Facebook friends who have asked for suggestions regarding which products or services are the best. For example, if a friend asks for recommendations for great local restaurants, you can share a page of search results from Bing to answer the question. This is yet another way that Facebook users can share information. If a friend is trying to find the best cake recipe for an upcoming birthday, you can search for the best ones you can find on Bing and share those results with your friend. Bing users will be able to share information with their Facebook friends at a much faster rate.

The sky is limitless with this new feature and it is going to be exciting to see how this new feature will be received.

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