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Monday, May 21, 2012

Bing’s New Look: Extra Sleek and More Social

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The Bing search engine has recently undergone an overhaul and its partnership with Facebook has made the interface a lot more social. It offers the best of Bing’s search features with the perspectives of people who a searcher knows, likes and trusts.

Here’s a rundown on the main features directly from Bing:

  1. Finding people who can help: Only a decade ago, many used to get recommendations or information from friends. The internet and its search engines changed all this. The advent of the internet opened up new waves of communication. Searchers could get points of view from complete strangers, from across the globe. Unfortunately, spam and scam sites have led many not to trust everything that they read on the internet. The new Bing interface means that searchers can look to see if any of their Facebook friends know anything on the topic that they are searching.
  2. Asking friends for their thoughts and opinions: This new feature allows a user to ask specific friends in their network for their opinion. Bing encourages users to write a comment for new ideas and to start a conversation. Bing has also made it simple to post links in the comments.
  3. Add up results: The new version of Bing allows users to pull information from other search engines. Users also have the option of pulling from other search engines for the best results. After a user has compiled their findings, they can share them with friends in their network.
  4. Share the search on Facebook: Bing views this feature as a great way to start a conversation and engage friends. In order to get acclimated with the new interface, Bing encourages users to start with common searches like restaurants or television programs.

Bing probably took a cue from Google, which recently tried to create a more social searching experience through its Search Plus Your World fiasco.

Bing cleaned up its design and has totally revamped its look. There is a sleek, gray sidebar to the right that does not interfere with search engine results. The panel on the right allows users to connect with their network, find friends, ask questions, post comments and share information from a centralized navigation space. The panel also connects users to experts on Twitter who might have the answers.

If you want to give the new version of Bing a test run, visit

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