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Monday, February 11, 2013

Big AdWords Update: Enhanced Campaigns Introduced

Posted by @ 7:30 pm

Low and behold Google has added another feature to make it easier for businesses to grow their prospective audience.

The new feature is specifically for Adwords customers and is called Enhanced Campaigns. Instead of just focusing on what keywords would be best to attract new customers, advertisers can now they can now create ads based on context like location, device type, and time of the day, in a single campaign.

Google has also turned their focus to mobile advertising. Mobile phones are playing a huge role in customer’s viewing and spending habits. Now, customers will watch videos or checkout a favorite item to purchase using their smart phone before grabbing a computer or television. While there are apps that allow companies to attract this customer base, Google has also decided to join the market in their own way. Google plans to feature this new product at the end of the month. By the middle of the year, all businesses should see this feature available to them.

How will it help businesses gain attention from mobile users?

These new Enhanced Campaigns will allow a business to target devices that are being used by consumers. Instead of just focusing on online efforts, they will send it out to those using a mobile phone specifically. It will also help determine what time a campaign will hit their target audience. If the customer base tends to shop at a consistent time, businesses can set the campaign to roll out then. Businesses can also customize their ads depending on what device is being used. They may choose to have a different ad campaign for mobile phone users than those on a PC.

Enhanced campaigns will roll out to advertisers as an option over the next few weeks. Google plans to upgrade all campaigns in June of this year.

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