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Monday, December 4, 2006

Bad PR Sends Yahoo! Back-Pedaling

Posted by @ 8:04 pm

Yahoo! has done some incredible back-pedaling this week as they respond to intense online criticism over changes to Yahoo! TV. A bid to bring Yahoo TV up with the times has resulted in a backlash of viewers responding that the service is now too slow, search and sign-in are now issues, and according to one user “Why did you try to fix something that wasn’t, to our minds, broken? Worse yet, why did you break it in the process?”

So, herein lie the pros and cons of social media and user generated content sites. We all now have a way of stating exactly how we feel, when we feel, and can literally let the whole world know! It can be the make or break of companies, events, products and people. We all now decide what’s hot and what’s not, and we hold enormous sway when it comes to online PR, bad or good!

Yahoo! has responded incredibly well to their bad rap from users, literally responding five hours after the negative feedback began on their blog. Thanking respondents for their comments (“both good and bad”) and going on to explain the reasons for the changes in Yahoo! TV, assuring consumers that their input would be directed immediately back into the company, and that changes would be made. Two days later Yahoo! responded with some changes, and continued assurances that they are on the ball, and are listening.

Although they have been ripped apart by critics I believe that Yahoo! TV will come through their bad dose of PR with aplomb! Above all, most of us love having our opinions considered, and sometimes even acted on. Gone are the days when we may have put-up, shut-up about our consumer wants. We want the assertion that companies are listening, and acting on our opinion. It is their ability to deal with our response that will define whether any PR is, in fact, good PR!

Would you be confident in responding if you faced the same situation as Yahoo! and had to deal with a flood of negative blog comments? Here’s some further reading on how to prepare yourself:

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