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Monday, September 12, 2005

Aussie Orion to Slay Google, MSN and Yahoo!

Posted by @ 7:25 pm

University of New South Wales PhD student Ori Allon has filed a patent on a method of exploring the web, which is claimed could revolutionize existing search results.

The Orion search engine (assuming that the name is a combination of the creator’s name, and not based on the mythical Greek hunter, although strangely appropriate) is similar to conventional search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo in that it searches for keywords on web pages.

However, instead of just returning just a snippet (the small description of the page as used in current search engine results), it returns a section of the relevant page and also lists other topics related to that particular keyword. The user can now select the most relevant results in context of what they are searching for.

The example provided by Allon is on the keyword of “American Revolution“. Orion would return results with extracts containing the phrase, but also give results from American History, George Washington, American Revolutionary War etc and other contextually relevant events.

I would go further than this example and provide a much simpler one. If the keyword “Ford SUV” is entered, the searcher could be seeking any of the following information:

  1. To purchase a new Ford SUV;
  2. To purchase a second hand Ford SUV;
  3. Looking for a review on Ford SUVs;
  4. Looking for a workshop manual for their Ford SUV;
  5. Looking for parts on a Ford SUV; or
  6. Looking for all recall notices.

Users will be provided with the ability to choose which direction the results skewed towards, depending on the context in which the keywords are being used. Further more, advertisers will be more willing to pay more for advertising in the right context as it should logically drive up their ROI (Return On Investment).

This contextual based search process is not new. Ask Jeeves has a similar concept and more recently, Bill Gates was talking about how search needs to evolve to be thinking about the use of context.

As I see it, this the next logical evolution in providing quality search results which are 100% relevant to the user.

Orion would be firmly in the eyes of the major search engines as an acquisition target.

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Discussion (9 - comments)

The problem is that you can not test this revolutionary new search engine.
There is another software that extracts micro content from Google or Yahoo that you can test

By zeevveez - September 14, 2005

There is another patented Search Engine format that is looking for partners that is also strong like this one. Was called BigFatFish for a while. Also very powerful. Offered the most drill down I ever saw. Users were not limited to the first screen full of results to choose from.

By Anonymous - September 18, 2005

I’m presuming a related example is Visual Thesaurus ( which as a word jockey is so much fun to play with. I’ve already determined several ways to apply it, but the play is still sooooo much fun.

By Anonymous - April 9, 2006

Tsert Inc. proposes a better approach,
which relies, not in keyword co-occurence, but in the real semantic (natural language) relationships between keywords.

Tsert Inc. is still waiting for partners.

By tsert - April 10, 2006

what about clusty ?

By Anonymous - April 10, 2006

In fact, clustering search is not a new concept…only for Google !!!

French company has ever build a semantic and customer search oriented search engine… See verticrawl search tech. for more

By Anonymous - April 11, 2006

Warren, your belief of Orion being a major acquisition target is bang on !

All the big 3′s – Google, Yahoo and MSN were in negotiations with NSW univ.

Latest is, Google has perhaps successfully acquired the new search algorithm, and Ori Allon is now working with Google HQ !

By Saumil Patel - April 11, 2006

Ya that’s right search engine like Google and yahoo provide result for related page but it’s not accurate because if i search FORD SUV it display result like above. but if i want to search on ford spear parts it will show the result on 3rd or 4th place. So, it will be depends on searchers query.


By Anonymous - April 18, 2006

There is another patented Search Engine format that is looking for partners that is also strong like this one. Was called BigFatFish for a while.

and what about clusty ?

Elan Emerging Technologies Pvt. Ltd

By iphone app development - January 29, 2010

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