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Monday, February 27, 2006 – Goodbye Butler Jeeves, Hello Serious Search

Posted by @ 6:53 pm

Well, the day has come where the once iconic butler of the Ask Jeeves search engine has finally be laid to rest, or retired at least. The anticipated retrenchment of Jeeves was widely publicized late last year, but in the past week, the site changes have finally been implemented.

In the wake of the butler’s departure, has taken on a minimalist homepage appearance which is synonymous with the top search engines these days. Front and center is the customary search box, but off to the right is a handy little toolbox with all the advanced search functionality neatly packaged for easy access.

Whilst most of the advanced search features are nothing new, including image search, news, maps and directions, weather, encyclopedia, thesaurus, movie listings, stock market, and currency conversion, it is obvious that are readying themselves for the web 2.0 revolution. The first steps include access to the mystuff section, easy access to Bloglines, and user defined controls on the toolbox’s appearance.

The first release presents very comparably to’s main adversaries like Yahoo!, MSN and Google, but their spokesman and General Manager, Jim Lanzone, suggests they are planning to build more tools and services through outside developers to ensure “…users are going to experience a search engine that does more for them faster than any other search engine they use.”

So as Jeeves takes up his position on the sun lounge at the nearest retirement village, the team at are moving full steam ahead to re-establish themselves as a serious search engine..

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Discussion (15 - comments)

Ask Jeeves should stay!!!

By Anonymous - April 20, 2006

you should put jeeves back on the home page! he was totally awesome and you killed his carrer!!!!!!!!

By Anonymous - April 25, 2006

you murdered Jeeves I know you did bring him back if you are innocent.

By Anonymous - May 14, 2006

We NEED Jeeves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Anonymous - May 21, 2006

we need jeeves back beacuse he helped us anf=d when people was in need of help he was there!!!!!!!BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!

By Anonymous - May 22, 2006

Go Ask Jeeves was a wonderful source full of information. I really miss him. Maybe he could work part-time. :o )

By Anonymous - June 11, 2006

You guys really know how to screw up a good thing. I think you call it “technology advancement” when it is actually “thinknology debasement” and you find the way to capitilize on it as well.

What next?

By Anonymous - June 21, 2006

It’s all about money! It always is!

By Anonymous - July 19, 2006

Hey, computer nerds put jeeves back because with out him you guy’s web site will be srewed signed the jeeves lovers

By Anonymous - October 12, 2006

you really need to put ask jeeves back on here because some people have important questions for jeeves and we need him back so please put him back were he belongs on the computer so some people can ask questions and get answers for asking!!!!!!!!!!!! So please put ask jeeves back on the computer we need him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Anonymous - October 20, 2006

I cannot belive you fired Jeeves, IDIOTS!

By Anonymous - December 24, 2006

Jeeves was allways there for us and was free If I needed help with school wrk or anything he was the only one who didnt cost I supose that is why he went away . Gosh whats is next?

By Anonymous - December 27, 2006

dont leave jeeves i need u

By Anonymous - April 12, 2007

jeeves! jeeves! were r u jeeves? i need ur help!!!!!!!!!!!u guys just killed a great man with heartless regard of his great awesome help!!!!!!!all u did was wound a country today i hope ur happy!!!!!!!!!!!

By Anonymous - October 21, 2007

Please bring Jeeves back….many school children rely on him in the classroom and doing their homework or research on the web. Jeeves is not only well known, but socially acceptable and approved by schools and parents! Bring him back please!

By Anonymous - August 10, 2008

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