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Monday, May 22, 2006

Artificial Intelligence: Google’s Plans for the Future

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Artificial Intelligence: It’s not a Hollywood movie! – It’s Google’s vision of the future. Speaking at a conference for their European partners (Zeitgeist ’06), Google CEO Eric Schmidt and co-founder Larry Page shared some revelations about Google’s ambitious plans for the future.

“The ultimate search engine would understand everything in the world. It would understand everything that you asked it and give you back the exact right thing instantly” suggested Larry Page at the conference.

The one thing that Larry Page has learned since starting up Google eight years ago is that technology develops much faster than expected which is why he feels that AI (Artificial Intelligence) could be a reality within a few years.

Google’s company ethos has been the foundation for many rapid developments and launches. Employees are encouraged to work on pet projects with a fifth of their time dedicated to these personal research pursuits. It is this dedication and commitment to innovation that has lead to many rapid releases – but is also the basis for much shareholder concern.

Whilst releases have come thick and fast, few of them contribute directly to the business’ core revenue which is search advertising. With ambitions to hold 20% of the global advertising market ($US800 billion), the current focus on integrating past releases more closely with the core search tool will be vital if Larry Page and Eric Schmidt want to achieve their advertising revenue goals.

More important for investors is that Google embarks on releases that are more aligned to the company’s revenue goals than innovation for innovation’s sake. In the high stakes internet game, the challenge is getting the balance right, but as long as search is the cornerstone to Google’s success, they need to continue to push the boundaries of leading edge search technology and AI could be the answer.

If they manage to create a search engine that knows exactly what we’re looking for, and understands our information needs better than we do and provides absolutely pinpoint relevant data, then it could be the answer to everyone’s problems. As much as I love the vision, the ability to deliver such a revolutionary search engine has one enormous hurdle – humans. We are extremely complex beings, and understanding us is no easy feat…Good luck Google…

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Discussion (1 - comment)

The sad part of this is I know exactly how to make it possible.
A schemantic semantic wiki-style database could dynamicaly store almost all of mankinds knowledge and ideas.
A search engine would truely understand questions and comparisons.
even really crazy things like
“How many spcies of animal are green?”
“What materials are liquid at room temp but lighter then water?”
Youd get answeres from easily.

The idea for wiki like semantic proposal/idea database is even more profound.

Larry? Eric? Sergey?
If your reading this drop me an email, I have all the plans and schematics nicely made up…. ;)

By Thomas - May 26, 2006

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