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Monday, January 15, 2007

Apple Shoots the Messenger – Bloggers Beware

Posted by @ 3:52 pm

Apple has a reputation of giving a bloggers a legal hard time. In the wake of their new iPhone release, Apple have been putting the squeeze on bloggers reporting about an unauthorized Windows Mobile phone skin that resembles the iPhone interface.

Apple’s legal heavyweights were quick to send out a “cease and desist” notice to a blogger just reporting on the creative activities of someone else. The blogger, namely Paul O’Brien, merely linked to the website providing the Windows Mobile skin with a simple screenshot supporting his copy.

This case of taking aim at the messenger goes against all the strengths of web 2.0 and blogging. Fair enough if you want to fight the source of the issue (the designer), but sending your legal hound dogs after the journalist/blogger (considering the post wasn’t negative in any way), is simply nonsense.

Oh well, as you can see by the flurry of blogging activity about their bullying tactics, Apple have made no friends in the blogosphere by attacking one of our own. And they will soon learn the impact that social media has on the reputation of a company.

While the action won’t kill the Apple brand, hopefully the volume of negative blog buzz will encourage them to embrace social commentary and blogging rather than stifle it.

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Discussion (4 - comments)

Wow, seven days and they’ve already blown through all that macworld goodwill.

By Chris - January 15, 2007

Apple has always sucked as a company. Hopefully, the market will punish them. If not, they will continue in their evil ways.

By Anonymous - January 16, 2007

Unfortunately publicity, whether positive or negative, will help them market their product. Consumers aren’t very principled these days.

By Anonymous - January 16, 2007

we talking about Cisco’s iPhone or apples, illegitimate copy? i know cisco needs the money but apple?

does this mean the battery can be replaced and they’ll cover replacing the screens from the thumbnail scratches and use?

i remember when they licensed out their system hardware a while ago (powerpc) and it was good. hmmmmmmm
now its just fancy, we’ll take your first born or kidney as a down payment, eye-candy of a computer and also sue you if you try to make anything for yourself without paying tribute, like a screen protector.

(eh, this post could go on and on…. WHERE’s WOZ!)

By Anonymous - January 16, 2007

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