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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Google Rankings Shakeup – “Panda Update 2.1″

Posted by @ 11:26 pm

Google have confirmed a small update to their “Panda” ranking algorithm which was first spotted by webmasters earlier this month.

There’s been no confirmation on the exact nature of the update, however many users are reporting a change in search results. One user asks:

Is it possible that Panda 3.0 just rolled out (as of May 6, 2011)? Perhaps it’s in the process of rolling out? I’m seeing a massive shake up in the search niches that I monitor, results are bouncing all over the place. My websites seem to be slipping again to a new all time Google referral low.

According to a post on search engine land, Google confirmed that some tweaks have been made but insist that this is a “far smaller” update than the original Panda update. Google won’t release what percentage of queries have been impacted by the change.

Google’s original panda update launched in late February and caused havoc with content farms and low quality content sites. This change impacted about 12% of rankings in the United States and some websites reported traffic declines of around 40%.

Google then rolled out the panda update to all English queries in early April. This included both English speaking countries (eg, and also any English queries on other Google search engines.

This smaller update marks the third instalment of the “Panda” update, even though it is not expected to have a huge impact.

If you’ve noticed any ranking changes to your website around the 6th – 10th May please let us know in the comments below.

Matthew Elshaw Matt is a marketing professional at, an international search marketing firm. Matt's passion for online marketing began at university and has proved invaluable in steering product development and marketing initiatives at the company. Matt is a regular contributor to the ineedhits search marketing blog.

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Discussion (24 - comments)

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By Another Google Rankings Shakeup – “Panda Update 2.1″ | Business Review - May 16, 2011

[...] Another Google Rankings Shakeup – “Panda Update 2.1″Search Engine Marketing (blog)Google have confirmed a small update to their “Panda” ranking algorithm which was first spotted by webmasters earlier this month. Is it possible that Panda 3.0 just rolled out (as of May 6, 2011)? Perhaps it's in the process of rolling out? …Google search algorithm revamp rattles plenty of web sitesEmpowered News (press release)all 3 news articles » [...]

By Another Google Rankings Shakeup – “Panda Update 2.1″ – Search Engine Marketing (blog) | Affordable Seo Blog - May 16, 2011

We have had our micro niche site totally disappear. Any thoughts?

By Joseph Magnotti - May 16, 2011

Yes! Go Google! Content should be the only real currency on the Internet! SEO should be an extension of that! I’m glad web traffic dropped for all the low quality sites!! Mine were all promoted and if yours were too then you’re doing the right thing. Anyone who was hurt should have already been punished for producing false results

By Search Engine Domination - May 16, 2011

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By Another Google Rankings Shakeup – “Panda Update 2.1″ « SEO Strategist – Social Media Consultant India - May 16, 2011

No changes yet, but last time they were huge. Panda has been bad…real bad update


By Khaqan - May 17, 2011

It’s not just the “content farms” and “low quality content sites” that are affected, Matthew. I have blogs with Google itself, via Blogger. Some have are gold-star (a Google-given ranking) and they are being hit too.

By Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben - May 17, 2011


I don’t even know if I have a rating. I sure don’t get many hits, but have had the site up for better than 10 years.

I’m open to any and all ideas that don’t cost a fortune, because I don’t have a fortune. You know the old sayiing in aviation, Start with a large fortune and before long it will be a small fortune.” I left the small fortune behind, years ago.


Nick Kradfr

By Nick - May 17, 2011

Several sites have dramatically dropped (25-40%) They are sites of 5 years plus with original content. All dropped at the same time yet several others remained the same. Being older sites maybe page load, may-be google are looking for newer designs. These site do get regular updates. What I found odd was that they had just had their best months with Adsense in March and in May have gone back 4 years. The old marketing rule now applies that you cant put you eggs in the one basket and having a backup plan is now in order. Time is here for a close look at Facebook search.
I do agree with the changes however I am at a loose end as I have always conformed with google requirements.

By Colin Jones - May 17, 2011

I am checking ranking on regular basis. But I haven’t seen any ranking update (up or down) in last 15-20 days.

Priya Sharma

By Priya Sharma - May 17, 2011

Our ranking has finally hit the first page of Google since this “tweak”. We are not complaining!

By CLett - May 18, 2011

I had over half a million results on Google. Now I get around three thousand. It looks like Goo-Goliath has launched some failed products. Larry Home Page has annoyed stockholders with his trifling attitude. It looks like they want to re-design the web as a platform to deliver their ad system. End users are now looking for a new default search engine and other ways to advertise online. Since there is a demand for it, someone will surely supply it…

By webmaster-Ludi - May 18, 2011

i din see any of my page rank change and my traffic also need not affected.
Beside that i also din see any comment that complain about PR drop due to panda update.
But i wish to Google to improve and analyse more which i still see lot of website did not upgrade for years and did not active but still on top of the page rank.

By Jerrick - May 18, 2011

I was hit on May 23rd. I lost about half my user traffic and about 33% on pageviews. This is on a site that averaged about 25k uniques per day, and 300k pageviews per day. Site is 8 years old, has all user generated content with more than 800,000 unique pages to view. I think this was a valid slap, because about a year ago I created gateway pages that I thought would help Google find the deeper content on my site. What I have found when looking at Google’s index is that the pages that have been removed from Google were these very same gateway pages. So I actually feel the additional traffic was gotten in an invalid way for myself. What I’ve also found is that banner ad click traffic has not suffered a drop in the slightest. This shows me that all that additional traffic really added nothing to my bottom line other than tax my servers more, and forced me to use a CDN service to push some of the load off my equipment. I’m sort of happy this happened!


By Bill - June 3, 2011

Oh yes my website and seen a really fast drop in visitors since the beginning of may, not sure what all is causing it, Any information provided would be of Great help

By Larry - June 3, 2011

Oh yes my website has seen a really fast drop in visitors since the beginning of may, not sure what all is causing it, Any information provided would be of Great help

By Larry - June 3, 2011

Who are all the winners?
If the drop in hits we have all suffered have gone elsewhere who is scooping the pool.

By Brian Pettinger - June 4, 2011

This is a horrible thing…We only have 5 competitors and we’ve always out ranked them for years. Now we are no where to be found. We’re wc3 compliant, metas are good, however, we have a huge article database and tons of companies link to us for it, and use the articles/w/permission. Not sure what content Google is looking for, we have the best education of Root Cause Analysis out there and our web even spells things right vs. the others. Who are they to decide quality of content? Not sure I understand what that means. Not happy.

By RCI - June 8, 2011

I noticed a drop from 2nd to +12 rannking under “Creative Mathematics” . Traffic in general down also. Was wondering what I had done or not done. I guess I am still not sure.

By Zim Olson - June 22, 2011

All my first page ranking sites have been gone from Google, after a few weeks investigations, we detected that it was because we have a few parking domains parked on our main domains, which results duplicated contents.

It is really horrible indeed, Google can destroy your whole business just like this only because you did not do everything 100% right.

It is time to think about a new way to generate traffic from different sourceses rather than 100% rely on Google, it will be a very dangerous thing.

By David - June 22, 2011

We own a few websites, some got 2000 visitors per day through Google for about 8 years, right now it’s down to 200 visitors. We are talking quality websites with well written and unique content.

We just bought some new domain names copied some of our existing content to it, bought an incoming link and these websites do rank high now?

Google has simply some very big problems, they have lost control over their code, and everybody who is in IT will understand this if you see how these fools work.

By menno - June 22, 2011

and the winner is Bing of course! Go BING!

By sjonja - June 22, 2011

my unlockingtheiphone website was on number 1 position and now it is no where in google.what the hell?is it google dance?dont know really..time has come to go for Bing!

By vsh - June 25, 2011

SITE BOUNCING ALL OVER THE PLACE – My site which is normally number one on my keyword searches now goes from number one postion for an hour, then jumps to number 6, next hour or so goes to number 4 position and this goes on all day/night. The sites that end up above me have come from the bottom oof the page or the second page? Has anyone else experienced this on going fluctuation/bouncing of your site on an hourly/daily basis 24/7?

By Timothy - June 27, 2011

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