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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Almost Real Time Google Results – What’s New in the Past 24 Hours!

Posted by @ 8:05 pm

searchologySearch, from a user’s perspective, is all about timeliness, accuracy and relevance.

Give me the web content most closely aligned to my search needs and make sure it’s up to date (and preferably accurate).

Google, at their recently held Searchology event, unveiled a new search options feature that allows users to refine results to those gathered in the past 24 hours. That’s almost real time.

Many of us have watched Google’s indexing time (for some content) become almost real time over the last few years. Several of my blog posts have been indexed by Google within 30 minutes.

So the concept of “real-time” search is obviously something that the Search Engine giant has on its radar. This was reinforced in Marissa Mayers list of Search’s hardest unsolved problems (obviously weighing heavily on Google’s R&D teams) – see the top item.

- Finding the most recent information (real time search)
- Expressing that you want just one type of result
- Assessing which results are best
- Knowing what you’re looking for
- Expressing your searches in keywords

So with “real-time” results the goal – where does the new 24 hour option fit into the picture.

The new time filters in Google’s search options allow users to refine how old the listings are in their results page. Depending on when Google indexed the content, will control whether it appears under the various predefined time filters.


From my initial tests, it seems social media (blogs, networks etc) are the key beneficiaries of the time filters, which makes sense given the timeliness of content created.

The challenge is that time filters often undermine the relevance factor. And there lies the real challenge for Google in its attempts to create real-time search!

To get a run down on all the Google search options unveiled at Searchology, watch the quick video below.

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