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Monday, November 26, 2012

AdWords Impression Share Reporting Gets An Overhaul

Posted by @ 4:02 pm

The impression share reporting platform of Google AdWords is being given a significant overhaul with Google recently publishing its views and also a detailed plan of action as to when and how the impression share reporting system would be amended.

The primary change includes the segregated search impression share and display impression share reporting format. Presently, the system offers a juxtaposed report which blends in search and display impression analyses. With the new system, there would be an additional column that would separately list display impression share. The changes are already underway along with several other user interface amendments but it wouldn’t be until February 2013 when the present system would be completely void.

Post February 2013, no old data preceding 1st October 2012 would be available. Hence, marketers and analysts would have to download the old data in the existing format by that timeframe.

Google expects these changes to give users far more control of their entire ad campaign. The new system would allow analysts to assess the search queries ala keywords, the search results and the display information of a specific advertisement.Furthermore, it would list the keywords that triggered the ad display. The system would also indicate if the ads have not been displayed and the reasons for the same. With the new impression share reporting system businesses would also be able to get hourly categorisation of reports as to how AdWords and the ads are working during certain times of the day. In addition to all these changes, the interface is also being given a makeover with even more features, configuration settings and customisation options.

While this move by Google has been seen as positive by most search marketers, a section of trend watchers and analysts however have conveyed their displeasure since some believe that the basic feature of knowing the keyword trigger for certain ads is already available and others are of the opinion that disrupting the statistical systems being used till date would be counterproductive as historical data would no longer be acceptable to analyze trends or strategies.

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