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Thursday, April 12, 2012

AdWords Gets Big Location Targeting Improvements

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Research shows that more than 20% of searches on Google are related to location, and about 88% of Smartphone users who search for local information act quickly on their search results.

With this information in mind Google has recently released an update with 3 new features to its AdWords property that will help advertisers organize and create better ads that can be targeted to more relevant customers of a particular geographical area.

1.) AdWords Location Targeting: This new feature gives AdWords users the ability to target over 30,000 US Zip Codes and advertisers can now add up to 1000 US zip codes at a time to a given campaign. In addition to this, Google will also provide statistics of the ad campaign performance at the postal code level under the Performance Statistics heading.

2.) Local Insertion: Advertisers no longer need to create multiple ads for multiple locations. With the new local insertion feature, advertisers can create custom ad titles, text, display URLs, and/or destination URLs to all their location ads at scale.

For example for an ad that reads ‘Find a Chicago store or shop online’ Advertisers no longer need to create multiple copies of it to target different locations. The Local insertion tool will not only simplify the task of creating many locally customized ads, but also improve the conversion rates of the new ads. The new ad will look something like the one below. Advertisers must have location extensions set up and running before they can enable the location insertion on the ads. However Location insertion will work even if the location extensions don’t show because of other extensions. Google will detect location based on where the targeted customer is physically located or by the geographic locations customer may have shown interest in.

3.) Location Targeting Usability: Based on advertisers feedback Google has introduced four additional enhancements that will make location targeting options easier to understand and use.

a. The first obvious change is the rewording of the options: Here is what the options for advanced location targeting used to look like:

and here is what it looks like now:

b. Secondly, where previously Google showed the ads only to those people who were searching in the location advertisers targeted their ads to, Google will now allow advertisers to target their local ads to customers based at a different physical location.

c. Advertisers will now have greater control over location targeting on the Display Network with this improvement that allows them to target both the location extracted from the content of the page and the likely physical location of the user, making advanced location targeting relevant for the Display Network for the first time. But be informed that the default setting for all campaigns targeting the Display Network will automatically be to show to people “in” or “viewing pages about” the targeted location. However Google allows advertisers to edit this option at any time.

d. Last but not the least, changes in the advanced location exclusion methods that will allow advertisers to avoid getting impressions for excluded areas.

As explained by Product Manager Smita Hashim “Previously, the less restrictive option, ‘Exclude by physical location only,’ was the default setting for all ad campaigns however now based on advertiser feedback the exclusion options have been revised the default to a more restrictive option, ‘People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my excluded location’.



This way, an advertiser can avoid getting impressions for areas excluded from their campaign regardless of whether their customers are located or interested in those areas. However this change will only impact newly created ad campaigns while the existing campaigns will not be affected.

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