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Monday, November 26, 2012

4 Main Types of Google Reconsideration Request Responses

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Continuing the recent theme of reconsideration requests, Google’s Matt Cutts provided a video answering the question how long does a reconsideration request take to process?

Matt suggests that you should get a response within a couple of weeks, however if you don’t then post something on the Google Webmaster Forum.

Matt also outlined the 4 types of responses you should get for your reconsideration request. These are:

  1. There isn’t a manual action against your site right now
  2. There was one, but it has been removed while your request is reviewed
  3. There is one and it is still in effect because you still have an issue(s) to take care of
  4. Request being processed. Meaning that you are stuck at stages 2 or 3 until they decide what they are doing.

Numbers one to three are not really so bad because at least you know where you stand and what to do for sure. The last response leaves you in a state of limbo and a webmaster is left to decide on his own whether or not to change content or wait for a decision.

Although Google says you will get a response within a couple of weeks, many webmasters say this isn’t the reality. Only a handful of people claim to have even heard back after filing their requests over the course of 2 weeks or more. One Webmaster claims to have heard back in five days but their previous experience took five weeks. You must weigh your options and consider what is best in your own personal case. Do you have a lot of time to wait or is it not too much of a problem to make some changes to your content?

IF you haven’t heard from Google within 2 weeks of submitting your reconsideration request, then I would suggest getting in contact with them via the Google Webmaster Forum (as Matt mentioned). Unfortunately, there isn’t much more you can do, there is no magic phone number to call to get directly through to the Google team. So just be patient.

Here is Matt’s video in full.

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