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Monday, August 27, 2007

3 Tips to Writing Great Website Copy

Posted by @ 10:07 pm

Writing great copy is imperative to your online success, and whilst it doesn’t always come naturally, you can learn to write compelling, persuasive and clever (but not too clever) copy. Writing for online success differs greatly from offline business writing as not only are you writing to promote your business, advertise your products and persuade customers to purchase, you’re also writing for search engines! However, don’t despair! Here are 3 simple tips to writing great website copy.

1. Write For Your Audience
Marketing is all about targeting. Making sure that your target audience identify with your business is imperative. Write website, blog, promotional and advertising copy with your audience in mind. Consider the age, gender, race and religion of your target market; you will never convert searchers into customers if you insult them, use jargon or acronyms they will not understand or simply confuse them.

2. Clever, But Not Too Clever!
There’s such a thing as being too clever. It may be fun to think of quirky and subtle marketing copy with a clever twist, however be careful that you’re not being so subtle, and clever, that no one actually comprehends what you’re trying to say! Get an objective review of your copy before it’s posted online – if your mother, brother or the sales guy down the hall doesn’t understand your meaning, then it’s unlikely that your audience will. While I understand that some websites deal with specialist subjects, products and services, it’s a good idea to write for the ‘layman’ – you never know who might come to your website looking to buy!

3. Write For the Search Engines
There’s a fine line between writing for customers and writing for SEO (search engine optimization). You need to appeal to customers on an emotional level, writing convincing copy that will induce them to purchase, and you need to write copy that will tell a search engine exactly what your webpage is about. Writing for search engines is a precise, almost analytical process. Search engines rely on keywords and search phrases to compile their results and choosing the correct keywords and phrases for each of your webpages is very important. Great online copy is about being able to merge SEO into compelling copy for your users.

Great copywriting will take practice and research – think about what great copy inspires you to visit a website or make a purchase, and try adapting these practices into your own website copywriting. Most importantly… review your work! Read and re-read what you’ve written; get others to read and review your work – while it may take some time and effort, it will save you a lot of time and effort down the track!

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