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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1st Google Panda Update Released for 2013

Posted by @ 11:13 am

Even though Google initially denied that there was an update taking place, it was announced on January 22 that a new Panda refresh has been pushed out.

This is the first update from Google in 2013 and the 24th version of the Panda refresh update. Google says that this update has affected only 1.2% of English queries and many webmasters are reporting to not have even noticed a change in their website’s ranking at all.

Google’s main focus has been cutting down the amount of low quality web pages and Panda has been one of the ways that Google is doing just that. Since Panda’s release almost two years ago, Google has been able to target those websites the feature spam, keyword stuffed content, serial plagiarism, and much more. The websites that have been targeted receive lower ranks by Google. Websites that receive very low ranks will be removed completely from Google Search.

The updates to Panda refresh are designed to perform regular refreshes that allow Google to weed out websites that are content farms, spam, and overall poor websites to improve the overall user experience. This Panda refresh update is not creating as much buzz as the December 21, 2012 update though.

Ever since Google Panda was released in February of 2011, there has been at least one update a month, sometimes even two. Most of these 24 updates were announced by Google, but some were not. The last few updates to Panda refresh have only affected English queries.

Was your website’s ranking impacted by this update?

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