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Thursday, April 12, 2012

“Larry Page Talks A Lot More About Search Than Social In New Letter”

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Larry Page marked the completion of his first year as the CEO of Google Inc with a rather lengthy letter to the company investors, posted on the company’s website last week. After taking over as the CEO from Eric Schmidt last April, the rather silent Page has finally stepped out in front of the public giving an update about the company’s activities over the past 365 days.

“When I post publicly I get a ton of high quality comments, which makes me happy and encourages me to keep posting,” Page wrote in his Thursday post.

In his public letter, Page shares his thoughts on Google’s past accomplishments, and the future possibilities of the company. Discussing the success of some of Google’s newly launched products namely Google+, Page talks about ways in which the company can improve its search and also highlights some of the challenges he faces ahead as the CEO.

The letter has been published on Page’s personal profile page on Google’s social networking venture; Google+ which also happens to be the centre of his focus in the coming days. Page has been known to be pushing Google and its products aggressively to counter the popularity of Facebook, the most recent effort being the launch of its social networking site Google+.

Although Google has a long way to go before it can match Facebook’s 850 million user, Page does not hesitate in boasting about 100 million active users, on its social networking service which integrates over 120 products, most owned by Google. Expressing his excitement Page says that he is thrilled that the network is giving the search company a lot of valuable information about its users that can be used to refine and personalize search results with fewer mistakes on a search engine that understands “things not strings”. Also acknowledging that threat from growing competition is only a click away, Page has urged his employees to not make mistakes as it very easy for customers to go elsewhere.

Apart from this, Page also uses the post as a platform to defend several other issues like the complaints about Google’s business and privacy practices in the US and Europe, shutting down of several failed Google products like Buzz, Knol and Sidewiki saying failed experiments often lead to a better future product.

“We have always wanted Google to be a company that is deserving of great love,” Page wrote. “But we recognize this is an ambitious goal because most large companies are not well-loved, or even seemingly set up with that in mind.”

Page also talked about the $12.5-billion acquisition of Motorola that will be used to advance the hardware development of Android and highlighted the company’s $30 billion revenue generated from the AdSense program and the company’s ongoing work on driver-less cars and other experiments.

Page’s ending words reiterated Google’s focus on creating a simpler, more intuitive experience by integrating and producing innovative technology products that touch people deeply and enable customers do truly amazing things over the internet.

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