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Monday, May 15, 2006

Getting Personal – Meet the Contributors

Posted by @ 8:58 pm

Hi Blog Readers

Following on from the lead of some of my colleagues (Nancy and Rene), I thought it was time to introduce myself – Warren Duff. In my three and a half years at ineedhits, I have held a few different roles. Starting out as Business Development Manager, I regularly attended the SESes (Search Engine Strategies conferences) and PubCons (hosted by WebMaster World) where I got to met many interesting webmasters from all over the world. More recently, I have overseen the running of ineedhits’ Operations, Sales and Customer Care Teams, using the knowledge that I had gained early in my career and the knowledge of SEO obtained from listening to some of the best SEOers around.

My passion is technology – not technology for the sake of it however. Rather, I enjoy seeing how various improvements in technology can help make businesses more productive or life easier for individuals. I have seen too many companies invest many thousands of dollars and hours of work into putting in technology, without fully understanding what the benefits would be, only to be disappointed with the end result. In my opinion, technology should not be seen as a silver bullet but rather the foundation for improving business processes to support the needs of the business.

What consumes the vast majority of my leisure time is my chosen sport of Fastpitch Softball – not as a player but as an Umpire and Administrator. In October I will travel to New Zealand to attend a clinic which will hopefully see me achieve my International Softball Federation (ISF). This certification will enable me to umpire at international events around the world, including Test Series, World Championships and potentially, the Olympic Games. In the meantime I am working on refining all parts of my game to ensure that I am going to give it 100%. The challenge of calling pitches in excess of 80 miles/hr (130Km/hr) something so different to work, that I find it relaxing!

When not calling a ball game, I spend time my time exercising my 6 month old Golden Retriever puppy. I am hoping that if I tire her out enough she will stop destroying my garden. No matter how far we walk/run, she still always has enough energy remaining to dig holes in my newly established lawn.

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Greetings all members,

I would just like to say hello and let you know that I’m happy to be a member – been a lurker long enough :)

Hope to contribute some and gain some knowledge along the way….

By FinancialServicesRenoNV - March 28, 2009

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