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Monday, July 7, 2008

B&T BootCamp – A Digital Work Out

Posted by @ 4:57 pm

Last week, I attended the Perth leg of the B&T Bootcamp. It was great to spend a full day immersed in all that Digital Marketing can offer, above and beyond Search Engine Marketing.

The day started out with a great presentation by Mike Walsh regarding the future of Digital Marketing. Mike focused a lot on the Asian social networks. Made me realize how advanced Asian networks are compared to their western counterparts.

Marc Loveridge from Market United was next with a snappy and clever presentation on what is essentially a dry topic – Digital Marketing Definitions. Would love to see a video of Marc’s presentation as it was not only informative but entertaining.

SearchWorlds‘ Andrew Beecher was next, talking about something I was very familiar with, that being Search Engine Marketing and Optimization. Andrew’s slide deck also included some basic hints for starting out in optimizing your website. Whilst they may appear to be overly simplistic to an experienced search marketer, they are the real basics which unfortunately a lot of people miss.

Covering off the analytics was Nielsen Online’s Megan Clarken. I had been looking forward to this topic (it brings out the search geek in me!) but found the flow of the presentation quite hard to follow. Too many slides with over use of graphs and data. It ended with an overview of all the products that Nielsen offers. At the end of the talk, I was still not any wiser as to how Nielsen differs from Google Analytics for visitor information or Hitwise for industry stats.

After a break for lunch, David Green who is the Head of Mobile Advertising for Vodafone Australia presented. I found this session to be more of a “vendor push” than anything else, as he covered all of the mobile advertising options available on the Vodafone network.

Hitting on a topic which is of interest to any company who sends out email communications or newsletters, e-services communication’s Simon O’Day spoke about the key differences between managing it in-house versus using a professional agency. The key take away for me, was if your revenue comes from these communications, then the question isn’t can you afford to outsource but rather how can you afford not to? If you are going to do your email communications in house, make sure you test how the email will look in a variety of different mail system i.e. Outlook with images off, Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

Simon te Brinke (Director of Gramercy Park Consulting) talked about Social Networking in Plain English. During the presentation, Simon admitted he was one of the many thousands addicted to “crackbook” (Facebook). The key takeaway for companies – if you are going to use Social Networks to market your products and services, then make sure you engage your audience. Be proactive in claiming your company’s social space.

The final session of the day, was perhaps the lightest on – appropriate as the audience was getting quite tired. Rich Media was presented by Carlo Bertozzi, who used it to showcase a number of cool interactive videos and games. It was a good end to a long day.

Thanks to B&T for putting on the event. Looking forward to future events!

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